Thurs noon-5   Seniors over 65 and military free day

         Friday noon-5  VIP 6-9   Saturday 9-6   Sunday 10-3                          


Grove Civic Center

I am so excited for this coming years Boat show! Why you ask?

Because we have lots in store for everyone! 
This is our 20th year anniversary and we are going BIG!

To start, here are a few points of interest that you need to know:
There will be no early tear downs allowed. This was a distraction for the  boat dealers.

NO animals allowed unless they are certified service animals.
Everyone who participates in the VIP must also have some food out for the customers.
Only those with a show badge or a VIP ticket may be allowed in the show
that night. There were extras last year and we will be keeping a better eye out on that.
We would appreciate it if everyone donates a door prize from their business.


We have decided to try an extra day for the show. We will be open Thursday from noon to 5. This is optional for anyone who can be there. That means you need to set up by noon that day. Otherwise you can come on Friday and set up that morning.

Also on Saturday, we will be closing at 6 instead of 7.

If anyone has questions or needs an application let me know.
Thank you!   Alice - Grand Lake Association

The Grand Lake Boat Show is a great place to bring your products to a four state area.  We have participated in the show for the past two years and have had the opportunity to meet many potential customers interested in buying new boats and all of the things that go along with that.  It is a smaller venue so you have more time to visit and get to know people from this area.  The Grand Lake Boat Show has been a great tool for us to get out information on our products and the services that we offer.
Jennifer Ramsey Grove Marine

9121 Hwy 59 North Grove, OK  74344 (918) 786-2219

Vendor Testimonial

Capture 2500 people in your target market in one weekend and sell off of it all year long!   Join us by being a vendor at the Grand Lake Boat and Sport Show.  Please see the forms below for terms and conditions.   

Exhibitor Information

March 9, 10, 11 and 12, 2017